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AD: Kristel Almquist

CW: Vera Tornberg



Power to the peeple

The company SCA sell incontinence pads for men and women. They wanted to increase their sales and normalise incontinence. Today, one in four people over 40 years have complaints, the same amount that suffers from hay fever. The most common situations of incontinence are situations we all experience everyday – when laughing, sneezing, exercising or moving in general. So we decided to focus on them.

So what!?

The campaign Power to the Peeple celebrates people. We wanted to create a feeling of normal, recognition, confidence and playfulness. So what if you pee a little now and then, who cares?


To get people to talk about – and normalise the problem, we made special vending machines with free incontinence pads. These were placed in areas where people for example often laugh or exercise, such as outside a cinema, gym, or bus station. This to de-dramatise and make this as normal as selling earplugs at a concert.