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AD: Kristel Almquist

CW: Vera Tornberg

CLIENT: Google


The warm up

In October, Google Assistant got available in swedish, danish and norwegian. To get people’s attention Google wanted to do something in public areas and talk about their speakers Google Home.

We decided to get their attention through interactive billboards. One week before the launch, Google Mini (the smallest speaker) prepared for the big release.

The four steps

The warm up was divided into four steps. The first step was to do vocal training like singing scales and do articulation exercises. After that Google Mini started to get to know the language by asking people about pronunciation and common words like hello. The third step was about culture and Google Mini tried to learn about the inhabitants behaviour and what they like.

The final and last task was about showing what it can do to help people in their everyday life. People could send a message to someone with Google Mini, ask about the weather or sing a duet. When the big day came the soundwaves were replaced with a Google Mini saying “Välkommen Home”.