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AD: Kristel Almquist

CW: Vera Tornberg

CLIENT: Elgiganten


Singles Day

Singles Day – a holiday recently introduced in Sweden. The phenomena developed as a protest against Valentine’s Day, to celebrate all the singles in the world. Last year, Elgiganten collaborated with the american instagram star The Fat Jewish and made several commercials where he’s dating different electronics. This year, they wanted more.

You’ve probably heard of the word couple goals. It’s a hashtag well used by couples on social media. It makes couples film their amazing workouts, take selfies in the sunset, get matching clothes and even matching tattoos, the ultimate rub-it-in-your-face.

Tattoo event

Tattoos has become very popular during the last couple of years. Nowadays, most young people have one or several tattoos – it’s no big deal anymore. To all singles out there looking for a reason to get a tattoo. You don’t need a partner to get a cheesy tattoo, just get a thing.

For one night, Elgiganten organizes an event and invite some great tattoo artists. The idea is simple; if you tattoo your favorite product, you get the tattoo for free. And Elgiganten gets an advertisement pillar for life.